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About the taxis at Linate Airport

Linate Airport taxis are readily available and they offer an easy and convenient way to travel for the airport users. If it is your first time in Milan ensure that you take an official Linate Airport taxi which can be easily recognized by the ‘TAXI’ sign on its roof and the clearly displayed license plates on the sides, back and inside of the taxi. Official taxis also have a meter that measures and displays the fare rate. Additionally, drivers of the official airport taxis do not seek business at the arrival halls; they wait for customers by their taxis at the taxi ranks.

A Linate Airport taxi offers reasonable charges from the airport to the center of Milan city and it only takes you just about ten minutes to get there depending on the traffic volume. The official Linate Airport cabs are always on time and safety issues come first to the taxi drivers. One can easily find the taxi ranks as they are located directly outside the arrivals terminal at the Linate Airport. On your return the airport taxis always drop you off at the departures terminal. Moreover, one can reserve a Linate Airport taxi in advance thanks to the Radiotaxi.

At peak times, which are mainly in July and August, the airport taxis queues can be quite long and one may have to wait for up to thirty minutes. A Linate Airport taxi can only carry a maximum of four people, including children. These airport taxis will take you to any destination and the fare is charged per vehicle, not per person. Taxis will charge you an average of 20 Euros to the center of Milan city. Finally, avoid the possibility of being overcharged by the taxi drivers by first asking for assistance from the airport employees who will only be too happy to lend a helping hand.
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